• 2021 Toyota Yaris

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  • Jun 2024
    Being a hybrid, to utilise your battery power as much as you can, you may need to change the way you drive. Slower take-off from traffic lights; getting to the speed you want and keeping at that speed rather than accelerate/brake etc. Understanding crusing down hills and braking charges the battery. The more you figure these things out the better full efficiencies you'll get.
    —Fiona S - 2021 Toyota Yaris
  • Jun 2024
    Brand, economical, comfort, simple and safety is what made us purchase and like this car.
    —Ben S - 2021 Toyota Yaris Cross GX
  • May 2024
    It is a great little car with enough luggage space for my needs and easy to handle. Its a nice compromise between an SUV and a little car. Easy to see why its a Crossover.
    —ELIZABETH S - 2021 Toyota Yaris Cross GX
  • May 2024
    Took me a while to figure out that the head lights turn off automatically! Still getting used to the lane change sounds also. Otherwise absolutely love my new car
    —Andrina B - 2021 Toyota Yaris Cross GX
  • Jan 2024
    So far, we are happy with our purchase and the car is fun to drive and is very fuel efficient as advertised. One negative is that there is a good bit of road noise on the highway.
    —Kenneth S - 2021 Toyota Yaris Hybrid G
  • Mar 2023
    Car is better than expected
    —Michael W - 2021 Toyota YARIS HYBRID
  • Nov 2022
    The false bottom in the boot can be removed to create extra space which is a great feature.
    —INDIANNA C - 2021 Toyota Yaris Cross Hybrid G
  • Oct 2022
    Loving my new car!
    —Sarah D - 2021 Toyota Yaris 1.5l GX Hybrid
  • Sep 2022
    Just love the Toyota Yaris, looks so smart (the colour!) and drives so well. Has all the safety features plus amazing fuel economy. Very happy!
    —Loren M - 2021 Toyota Yaris ZR 1.5P/10CVT
  • Apr 2022
    A great wee car, but not everyone's cup of tea with so few extras as standard. Clinically smooth acceleration and fantastic road holding.
    —Adrian H - 2021 Toyota Yaris GR RC