• 2017 Toyota Corolla

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Comment Highlights (10)

  • Nov 2020
    Great car
    —RAJESH C - 2017 Toyota Corolla HYBRID 1.8PH/CVT
  • Nov 2020
    Good car
    —Cheuhong C - 2017 Toyota Corolla Levin SX Signature Class | NZ New w/ Full Service History!
  • Nov 2020
    Really happy with the car. Haven’t had a chance really to drive it too much yet but drives really nicely and is a very tidy car. We like the reliable Toyota name also.
    —Carol V - 2017 Toyota Corolla GX
  • Sep 2020
    What a big difference from driving a Honda Jazz, this sits and holds the road just so much better, and goin from a 1 star safety rating to a 5 star rating, what else can you say.
    —Julie A - 2017 Toyota Corolla GLX 1.8
  • Sep 2020
    This is a roomy vehicle for it's size. It drives well and has enough power for hills and passing slower vehicles. It has good vision and is comfortable.
    —Christine B - 2017 Toyota Corolla GX
  • Sep 2020
    I love my car,
    —Raylene F - 2017 Toyota Corolla GX
  • Jul 2020
    perfect car
    —DAVID H - 2017 Toyota Corolla LEVIN SX 1.8P/CVT
  • Dec 2019
    Love the car its just a bit disappointing the side mirrors have to be physically manually retracted. But overall a dream car.
    —Deirdre S - 2017 Toyota Corolla GLX Hatch
  • Mar 2019
    As my husband keeps quoting "There is a lot to like about this car".
    —Diane S - 2017 Toyota Corolla GLX
  • Dec 2018
    Very satisfied with purchase
    —Graham M - 2017 Toyota Corolla Hybrid