• 2016 Toyota Corolla

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  • Nov 2020
    Surprisingly roomy. Sticks to the road like it's on tracks. Reverse camera is a great feature.
    —Sarah D - 2016 Toyota Corolla GX
  • Nov 2020
    So far has met all expectations
    —Heather W - 2016 Toyota Corolla 1.8l Hybrid NZ New
  • Nov 2020
    Just love this car it’s got a great feel to it as in ergonomics are great. Perfect both for about town and in the open road. Great on fuel.
    —anita B - 2016 Toyota Corolla GX 1.8P/CVT/HA/4DR/5
  • Nov 2020
    This is my first hybrid car with CVT, takes some time to learn and adjust driving habit.
    —Yee N - 2016 Toyota Corolla Hybrid
  • Oct 2020
    Happy with the car.
    —Marie W - 2016 Toyota Corolla GX
  • Oct 2020
    It's a great car, very happy with the reliability, fuel economy and the drive comfort
    —David S - 2016 Toyota Corolla GX 1.8P/CVT/HA/4DR/5
  • Oct 2020
    I have owned 3 Toyota and find they are very reliable, economical on fuel for a family car, and cheep to maintain.
    —Kerry S - 2016 Toyota Corolla GX
  • Oct 2020
    For a very fuel economic car, this one ticks all the boxes. This was important for me when making my choice for my next car. Love it’s design and although smaller than my previous car, it doesn’t skimp on storage size.
    —Mariea C - 2016 Toyota Corolla GX
  • Sep 2020
    great value, cannot beat a Toyota.
    —EUGENE E - 2016 Toyota Corolla GX
  • Aug 2020
    Last two cars were Toyotas so wanted to keep with reliable make.
    —Ernest M - 2016 Toyota Corolla GX
  • Aug 2020
    I love it. Has such a good reputation as a car, drives very smoothly, and has lots of boot space for the size car. Definitely the upgrade I was looking for
    —Macaela S - 2016 Toyota Corolla GX
  • Mar 2020
    Better than I expected
    —Louise W - 2016 Toyota Corolla GX Wagon
  • Jan 2020
    Meet our brief
    —Lisa S - 2016 Toyota Corolla GX
  • Jun 2019
    A great car, we are looking forward to many travels with it. We have driven Toyota cars since 1976 and have never been disappointed. The economy and comfort of this new car is a major consideration for us. It came up at just the right time.
    —Russell E - 2016 Toyota Corolla Hybrid
  • May 2019
    Great little car, more than happy with it at this stage
    —Robyn B - 2016 Toyota Corolla GX 1.8P/CVT/HA/4DR/5
  • Sep 2018
    I haven't filled the tank yet; so have no definite proof of economy yet. I have only had the car for 8 days. But so far I'm totally happy with everything about the car. And the service.
    —Annelies L - 2016 Toyota Corolla Auris 1.8 Hybrid Genuine 6,000km's
  • Jan 2018
    Lovely car. Delightful to drive. Just not many handy places to put/store “things”.
    —Amanda S - 2016 Toyota Corolla ZR Panoramic Sports
  • Nov 2017
    Easy to drive and comfortable.
    —Raewyn B - 2016 Toyota Corolla
  • Sep 2017
    Its great very comfortable and nice to drive
    —Sally W - 2016 Toyota Corolla GLX 1.8P/CVT/HA/4DR