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  • Apr 2022
    I have used a vehicle identical to this one, and although I am yet to receive this particular vehicle I know that the interior is comfortable and tidy, and that these vehicles run great
    —Awatea P - 2015 Holden Colorado LTZ DC PU
  • Mar 2022
    Very nice vehicle to drive seems very economic on fuel
    —David T - 2015 Holden Colorado LT DC PU 2.8D/4WD/6A
  • Feb 2022
    Great. Exactly what we were looking for
    —Vance J - 2015 Holden Colorado LTZ, BLACK OUT, 20" MAGS
  • Dec 2021
    Such a beautiful ride, so smooth and defitnetly fits my whole family. Love it!!
    —Puaatunu A - 2015 Holden Colorado LTZ, 4x4, LIFT KIT
  • Dec 2021
    Awesome vehicle. Clean and tidyz
    —Ricky A - 2015 Holden Colorado LTZ 4WD - NZ NEW
  • Dec 2021
    Previously had a Colorado and having smaller body with a lower dashboard was better for wife to drive the 2.8 is a good strong engine and capable of pulling a good weight
    —Kevin S - 2015 Holden Colorado LT 2WD D/Cab
  • Dec 2021
    Good wagon! Goes well
    —William M - 2015 Holden Colorado 7 LTZ 2.8D/4WD/6AT/SW
  • Nov 2021
    Am very happy with the Holden Colorado 😊
    —Tony A - 2015 Holden Colorado LT DC PU
  • Nov 2021
    Love my new Holden Colorado it's everything I wanted while being everything I need.
    —Caroll H - 2015 Holden Colorado Z71
  • Oct 2021
    Drives well, stable, safe, and comfortable.
    —Belinda D - 2015 Holden Colorado LS 4x2 Double Cab Manual
  • Oct 2021
    It a great vehicle, nice brand even though we were first lookin at a 2018 before it got sold, our 2015 Holden Colorado is still awesome. Not regreting our purchase.
    —Kalolaine M - 2015 Holden Colorado LS DC PU
  • Oct 2021
    Has quite good torque for a diesel Ute
    —Darryl S - 2015 Holden Colorado LTZ 2.8D Auto
  • Oct 2021
    Awesome vehicle bit heavier on diesel than I thought But still wouldn’t change my choice
    —Hori S - 2015 Holden Colorado STORM 2.8D/4WD/6AT/U
  • Oct 2021
    Great vehicle.
    —REUBEN B - 2015 Holden Colorado LTZ 4X4 2.8TD auto
  • Aug 2021
    I love my near new Colorado. It’s such a pleasure to drive.
    —Neil P - 2015 Holden Colorado LTZ DC PU 2.8D/4WD/6
  • Jul 2021
    Runs very good so far. 👍
    —Ryan L - 2015 Holden Colorado Storm
  • Jul 2021
    Pretty good still getting use to it especially going from car to a ute
    —Richard W - 2015 Holden Colorado LTZ DC PU
  • Jun 2021
    Happy with our new vehicle worth price
    —Soane S - 2015 Holden Colorado STORM LTZ
  • May 2021
    Always a sturdy vehicle. And in good condition for the kms it has travelled.
    —Jodi W - 2015 Holden Colorado LTZ DC PU 2.8D/6AT/U
  • Feb 2021
    The ute is great. Have already done 6000kms in it. Towed a ford ranger from Nelson to Blenheim on a trailer no worries. Very fuel efficient. Does alright ae
    —Quniten T - 2015 Holden Colorado LTZ DC PU 2.8D/4WD/6
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