• 2008 Mazda Biante

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Helpful comments (5)

  • Jan 2020
    Great car
    —ANDREW S - 2008 Mazda Biante
  • Dec 2019
    next year i will be using this car to take some visitors round the south island so the space and comfort were very important factors and this car meet all my requirements
    —Andrew S - 2008 Mazda Biante 20S 8-Seater
  • Dec 2019
    Very comfortable, sturdy vehicle, we are very happy with our purchase
    —Hona W - 2008 Mazda Biante 20CS
  • Sep 2019
    Very good on drive
    —Jeerasak P - 2008 Mazda Biante 20S 8-STR 2.0L AUTO
  • Mar 2018
    Awesome on petrol, lots of leg room for my family and I (especially for my husband and 2 teenage boys who need the leg space). Great family vehicle.
    —Ruby M - 2008 Mazda Biante